Conference Highlights

In recent years, the implementation of financial inclusion has achieved positive results worldwide, enabling citizens and businesses to access better financial services, invest and expand financial infrastructure, improve growth indicators, lessen poverty and effectively use social resources. At present, more and more banks provide digital financial products and services that accelerate the financial accessibility of customers and shape up the new development trend for financial and banking industry in the future. However, this also poses many challenges in terms of business management, risk monitoring, information security, the need to harmonize goals among financial inclusion, integration and protect customer interests so as to maximize the benefits of financial inclusion.

Given the situation, Banking Vietnam 2017 features the theme: “DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY – THE GREAT ENGINE OF ACCELERATING FINANCIAL INCLUSION IN VIETNAM”. The conference will address initiatives to transform banking system with digital technology and outstanding solutions through insightful discussions and sharings from the leading national and regional financial and banking experts, and world-leading technology providers.

  • KEYNOTE: “Digital technology – The great engine of accelerating financial inclusion in Vietnam”
  • EXECUTIVE TALKS: “Digital banking transformation in the 4th Industrial revolution”
  • SESSION 1: “Strengthening information security that build reputation and protect customers’ benefits”
  • SESSION 2: “Developing digital banking services & payment innovation towards accelerating financial access” 


  • The current status and orientation of accelerating financial inclusion in Vietnam
  • Digital 2025: The Future of Digital Banking
  • Exceeding customer expectations in the age of rapid digital transformation and changing market dynamics
  • How can a bank embed cyber security into its suite of core business functions?
  • Digital challenges in Banking. How ready is your bank to empower digital customers?
  • Cloud – based security: towards a secure future for banks and financial services
  • Orientation of developing modern banking services for payment and solutions towards accelerating financial inclusion in Vietnam in the period of 2016 – 2020

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