Sponsors list


Exhibitor: MobileIron
Booth No.: 01A
Website: https://www.mobileiron.com/

Exhibitor: ENTiger
Booth No.: 01B
Website: http://sumerusolutions.com


Exhibitor: BIDV
Booth No.: 02
Website: http://bidv.com.vn

Exhibitor: VnPay
Booth No.: 03
Website: http://vnpay.vn


Exhibitor: Netnam
Booth No.: 04
Website: http://netnam.vn

Exhibitor: Delta Electronics
Booth No.: 05
Website: http://www.deltapowersolutions.com/


Exhibitor: Temenos
Booth No.: 06
Website: http://temenos.com

Exhibitor: SunTec
Booth No.: 07
Website: http://suntecgroup.com


Exhibitor: AhnLab
Booth No.: 08
Website: http://ahnlab.com

Exhibitor: Dell EMC
Booth No.: 09
Website: https://www.emc.com/


Exhibitor: InfrasoftTech
Booth No.:10
Website: http://www.infrasofttech.com/

Exhibitor: MB Bank
Booth No.: 11
Website: https://mbbank.com.vn


Exhibitor: AgriBank
Booth No.: 12
Website: http://agribank.com.vn

Exhibitor: Palo Alto
Booth No.: 13
Website: https://paloaltonetworks.com


Exhibitor: Polycom
Booth No.: 14
Website: http://polycom.com

Exhibitor: CMC
Booth No.: 15 + 16
Website: http://cmc.com.vn


Exhibitor: Mi2
Booth No.: 17
Website: http://mi2.com.vn

Exhibitor: DIGI-TEXX
Booth No.: 18
Website: http://digi-texx.vn


Exhibitor: WillBe
Booth No.: 19
Website: http://www.wbsvn.com/

Exhibitor: BC Card
Booth No.: 20
Website: https://bccard.com



Exhibitor: Neo ICP
Booth No.: 21
Website: www.vietmedia420.com

Exhibitor: JNH
Booth No.: 22
Website: www.vietmedia420.com


Exhibitor: MiSoft
Booth No.: 23
Website: http://www.misoft.com.vn/vi

Exhibitor: 3i Infotech
Booth No.: 24
Website: http://3i-infotech.com


Exhibitor: Banking Strategy Institute – The State Bank of Vietnam
Booth No.: 25
Website: http://sbv.org.vn

Exhibitor: Tienphong Bank
Booth No.: 28
Website: https://tpb.vn

Sponsor: CMC SI Saigon
Website: http://cmcsisg.vn

Sponsor: CMC Telecom
Website: http://cmctelecom.vn

Sponsor: Finotek
Website: http://finotek.co.kr

Sponsor: Intellect Design Arena
Website: http://intellectdesign.com

Website : http://worldstar.com.vn/

Website: http://www.mobilecvg.com

Website: http://nsbeyond.com

Sponsor: NAPAS
Website: http://napas.com.vn/


Sponsor:  Ricoh Vietnam
Website : http://www.ricoh.com.vn/

Sponsor: i-Sprint Innovations
Website:  http://i-sprint.com

Sponsor: VASCO
Website: http://vasco.com