Conference Highlights

Banking Vietnam has been known as the largest and most influential annual ICT banking conference and expo in Vietnam. The past 19 years of ongoing success has earned Banking Vietnam the reputation as a “must-attend” conference for banking leaders, technology professionals, financial experts to meet and exchange in-depth discussions and work on detailed solutions and strategies for banking management, IT practices and service improvement to leverage Vietnamese banking system towards international standards.
In the last 2 years, Vietnam is accelerating a modern and effective digital government construction with the aim of serving citizens and business better. According to statistics in IT White Book published by Ministry of Information and Telecommunications in 2017, there were at least 10.872 level 3 online public services and 1.400 level 4 online public services come into operation stably and effectively. Many level 3 and level 4 online public services of Ministries/Authorities/Departments were performed by citizens and businesses with an ernomous number of documents handed over and carried out, such as Ministry of Public Service (8.8 mil documents), Ministry of Industry and Trade (772.000 documents), Ministry of Education and Training (270.000 documents), Ministry of Transport (1.441.189 documents), Hanoi (225.173 documents), Lam Dong (110.625 documents), Ca Mau (95.000 documents), Thai Nguyen (91.201 documents), Ha Nam (82.000 documents)… However, one of the major difficulties Vietnam encountered when building level 4 online public service portals is the launch of contactless payment system. In Vietnam, this kind of payment is relatively new although some organizations have worked on it; the insufficiency in contactless payment infrastructure led to many challenges.
Under this circumstances, Banking Vietnam 2018 Conference with theme of “CONTACTLESS PAYMENT PROMOTION SUPPORTS THE ESTABLISHMENT OF A MODERN AND EFFECTIVE E-GOVERNMENT, LEVERAGING THE DEVELOPMENT OF DIGITAL ECONOMY” would have in-depth discussions, offer solutions & recommendations and provide information to help authorities build financial institutions and to help entrepreneurs decide and invest effectively in contactless payment system. In addition, in the Conference & Expo, providers could showcase their technologies, solutions, lastest services of contactless payment in detail and banking industry in general.


  • The development orientation of non-cash payment supports the establishment of e-Government in Vietnam
  • Contactless Payment Technology – The solution to enhance customers’ experiences and Best practice sharing from foreign countries
  • The challenges of standardization of QR Code in Vietnamese payment system
  • Get ready to be a cognitive bank
  • Security Issues involved in doing Online Transactions
  • Key success factors for digital transformation in Banking
  • Salesforce to Unlock the Full Power of the Bank
  • Best practice sharing in developing Enterprise Data Warehouse
  • The IT challenges and solutions for building data management system in financial institutions

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